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Family Photo

The Rolfings & Greniers

Luke Rolfing peeking through the fence

Jamie & Sarah Rolfing smiling

Kate and Coco in pink hats

Eddie holding a fish

Our daughter Kate Rolfing Grenier and her family live next door to us. Kate is a designer, Eddie works for Amazon and their children, Coco and Theo, love helping and playing on the ranch.

Our son Jamie Rolfing and his family live a few minutes away in Kalispell. Jamie is in the Army National Guard and Sarah is a registered nurse specializing in restorative reproductive health ( Their son, Luke, is a joyful toddler.


Above: Kate, Coco & Theo in Montana’s Great Bear Wilderness

Below: Theo & GNLC Brunello

Right, top to bottom: Luke & GNLC Gracie, Jamie & Sarah, Coco & Kate, Eddie & fish

Theo riding a quad

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